Why are expectant fathers not eligible for health coverage with individual coverage?


Many people don’t realize that MEN can be declined for being pregnant.  No, we aren’t talking about something on the Oprah show, we are talking ‘average Joe’.    If you are about to be the father of a yet born child, you are not insurable.  


Even if you are not married, if you are the father of a newborn, your insurance company is mandated to accept the addition of that child to your health plan as long as you add the child within 30 days of the birth.  That unborn child will be in the hospital at the time of birth. That unborn child may be a few hundred dollars of his/her own expenses, or could be hundreds of thousands, and a lifetime of medical bills.   Most people recognize that if they told their insurance company that they were having an MRI in a couple of months to see about a knee problem that the insurance company would want to wait until after the MRI results are in. 

If the knee is fine, they will take you then.   Same thing applies to the expectant father.  The insurance company will not take on a unquantified risk.  

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