How do I know what good coverage is when comparing health policies?

The magic question!  Believe it or not, we do believe that there are some simple ways to narrow the search. When shopping for health insurance, remember that you are looking for protection, not to save $10.  

Here’s a quick check list. 

  • Start with coverage, not the deductible or premium. 

  • Insist on coverage for prescription drugs, particularly Injectables being covered without an annual limit. 

  • Figure out what it would cost you for: .

    • A $100 doctor visit at a preferred doctor.

    • What if the doctor did $200 of lab work at the office.

    • What it would cost you if you sprained your ankle and went to the ER and had a charge of $800.

    • What it would cost you if you had a $50,000 claim.

  • How $3000 of physical or occupational therapy would be covered after your surgery.  (assume the same year as your surgery)

  • Are my providers and hospitals in the PPO network?  If not, pick a different plan. 

  • If I need $20,000 of Injectables drugs, how much would it cost me? 

  • If I take three, $100 retail, name brand drugs, per month, what would I pay if I already met my deductible? 

  • Ask the agent how long they have been licensed.  Not saying that a rookie won’t sell you a good plan, but you’re probably going to get better advice from a professional.  

  • If you have questions, have the agent give it to you in writing.  

If you have a good grip on the answers to these questions, you can make a good value decision.  Please remember that you don’t worry about $10 or $20, worry about $1000, $10,000, or $50,000.   You don’t need to insure your windshield wipers, you need to insure the car.  

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