Late Night Bulletin – Preview of the Senate Bill

Late Night Extra:  The Senate Finance Committee has leaked some big changes to the House Bill.  As I posted my summary of the bill I would create, A major leak of the Senate bill hit the wires. 

  • Individual Mandate to obtain insurance.
  • No employer mandate but a tax to reimburse subsidy’s to low income workers obtaining insurance.
  • Scaled deductibility of high cost insurance.   Those with $25,000 of annual benefits might only get to deduct 65% of the cost, much like the current entertainment 50% deduction.
  • Limit on Flexible Spending Accounts.   HSA’s not mentioned, but HRA’s probably also limited. 
  • Formation of a non-profit co-op to compete with insurers.   A government run plan is off the table. 
  • Elimination of pre-ex clauses
  • Major changes to Medicare enforcement of reimbursement cuts as mandated in previous legislation. 

First look is a big improvement. 

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