Health Care Reform – Really?

I started this blog this past summer to promote intelligent discussion about health care reform issues and points.   Over the past couple of months health care reform, as crafted by the Democratic party, has degraded into nothing more than an assault on anyone that has the money to pay more taxes.    Those that object, or raise arguments against legislation are targeted with tags of villianization, taxes, surcharges or all of the above.  

In September, Health insurers were issued gag orders forbidding them from communicating objections to legislation.  When the Public option, which I call the “pay the government instead option” was met with resistance by seniors and providers, legislation to cut $500 billion in Medicare benefits and providers was introduced.    For those providing insurance, medical equipment or services, $40 billion a year in new taxes starting in 2010.   (Guess who really pays?  The consumer)  The argument that legislation will cut the deficit by $80 billion is advertised,  the fact that there are $1 trillion in new taxes is trivialized.

This week I received a copy of letter from the head of the CBO to Senator Max Baucus, dated 10/30/09.  It contains this little blurb:

 That is, CBO has not evaluated whether reform proposals would lower or raise—or bend down or up the “curve” of national health expenditures. Finally, the question of what impact proposals might have on health insurance premiums is also of considerable interest. CBO intends to address that issue in the near future.


Really?   We are going to have $1 trillion in new taxes and the CBO never looked at if health care expenses will go down?   Does Washington think this is a Halloween prank?